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I believe in the transformative power of personalised mentoring. My approach is encapsulated in the word “Mentor,” drawing inspiration from its rich history and etymology.

The term “mentor” finds its origin in Greek mythology, particularly in Homer’s epic poem, “The Odyssey.” Mentor was a trusted friend and advisor to Odysseus, entrusted with the care and guidance of Odysseus’ son, Telemachus. This ancient narrative sets the foundation for my vision – a mentor is as a wise and trusted guide in your musical journey!

 Throughout history, mentoring has played a pivotal role in the transfer of knowledge and skills. From ancient Greece to medieval guilds and Renaissance apprenticeships, mentorship has been a cornerstone of growth and development. My personalised mentoring program is designed to embody this historical tradition, adapting it to the unique needs of modern music teachers and educators.


Let’s embark on a journey of musical growth and exploration…


  • Support in case of difficulties, challenges and doubts that may arise working in education and therapy;
  • Preparation of intervention plans in case of one-to-one or group music sessions in nurseries, primary and secondary schools;
  • Preparation of intervention plans of one-to-one or group music therapy sessions with children and adolescent (specifically in case of Autism and Deafness);
  • Personalised activities involving music, movement, body music, improvisation, use of instruments and new technologies;
  • Supervision through videos;
  • Audio and video resources.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Get in contact and let’s find the plan for you

I met Tiziana on the occasion of her workshop “From Body Music to Soundpainting”, held in Milan. I was immediately struck by her enthusiastic, dynamic and multimodal approach to leading the group in diversified and engaging musical activities. I therefore decided to rely on her for a tailor-made online mentoring path: together we have developed inclusive activities that combine teaching English with body percussion, the use of the ukulele and the composition of songs with it, to involve my pupils aged 6 to 10 more effectively and creatively in learning a foreign language. Tiziana was an attentive and enthusiastic mentor who made her multiple and varied experience as a music teacher and researcher available to her, reinforcing it with her knowledge of the context in which the English language is the mother tongue.

Debora Carlomagno

English teacher and musician of a primary school in Italy

We have entirely positive feedback from the workshop with Tiziana! The fantastic thing from the quartet’s point of view was that whilst we learnt a huge amount about how to work with deaf children specifically – a lot of what was discussed could easily be applied to communication skills in wider contexts; working in a participatory workshop, university classes or speaking to concert audiences. Tiziana was also very interested in knowing about our own workshop practice and provides very useful feedback on how to adapt this to the needs of deaf children.

Ligeti quartet

London String Quartet organising events for deaf children

We will focus on topics specific to your needs, providing you with the tools to build a solid foundation based on your teaching style.

Before we begin, I will ask you to complete a form where you can tell me about your work, your passions, and your goals.

All our work together will be recorded and available for your personal records.

Exclusive Mentoring

Unlocking success through music mentorship

  • Improve your teaching approach deepening the Music Tree Approach
  • Work on a music education or music therapy project
  • Grow your business and your finance
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The program

  • Three monthly or by-monthly 1-1 sessions with Tiziana from June 2024
  • Two monthly group sessions in the international Music Tree Supervision Group

The cost

£330 before the 15/06
£450 after the 15/06 – payable in 3 instalments


My mentoring costs £150 per session and includes a 15-minute consultation where you can share your thoughts, followed by one Zoom session lasting a maximum of 90 minutes.

After our session together you will also enter a fantastic online community of teachers from all over the world. We meet once a month and share our teaching experiences.