Music Tree is also a training centre for music teachers, educators and teachers.

With different programs and projects, we can support your professional development in early year music, body percussion, circle singing and music for children with special needs. Tiziana Pozzo, one of our co-founders, has created different training projects for new teachers.

We are specialised in Early years music and our training courses are based on the latest research in neurology, music education and on the Gordon’s Music Learning Theory.

Write us an email to tell us about you and your teaching job. How can we support you?

Learn the basic of body percussion, the different techniques and rhythms.
Learn how to apply body music in education and therapy
Create new activities to use with the children/students
Study the theoretical and psychological bases of body music 
Learn how to plan a course/workshop for children, adolescents or adults
Discover how to use body music in different contexts (early years, primary and secondary school, special needs children, elderly people, training courses for teachers) 

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