Songwriting and music production 

With the creation of every song, piece of music or manipulation of sound you have ever listened to, the music has been carefully prepared, recorded and mixed so that it sounds great for your ears. This is a vital stage in taking a song or a piece of music from an idea in your head or on a piece of paper to a finished piece.
At Music Tree if you have ever ben interested in the recording process, have a musical idea you’ve wanted to record or would like to start, we have classes available for you.

Singing Songwriting is a wonderful art form and a very expressive tool and at Music Tree, we are looking to help you start, develop and/or refine that process for you. If you are a beginner or an artist looking to finish off some of your songs we can help you. We have a production suite that allows us to record, demo, experiment and capture your sounds with some lovely microphones and can help you develop your voice so that it sounds great on record.
Let us help bring your ideas to life!

Music Production / Artist Development Package – We can help you get your music from off the paper and onto Spotify and iTunes etc. Over a series of sessions, we can work towards developing an artist in many different ways; from improving musicianship, singing techniques, songwriting and developing a musician’s sonic signature. Let us help to bring your music to life!

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