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Children age 2,5 to 4,5

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During the vibrant phase of early childhood, spanning ages 2,5 to 4,5, music becomes a delightful and enchanting realm for children to immerse themselves in, fostering an environment of boundless joy and experimentation. Engaging in musical activities during this period is not only very enjoyable but also holds immense potential for growth and development. Everything is a discovery. Moving, singing, dancing and playing instruments are amazing ways for our little students to express themselves.

The goal of the Music Tree’s approach is to develop children’s musicality whilst guiding them in their discovery of group work and other social skills. We focus on musical games and creative activities inspired by Gordon’s Music Learning Theory (MLT) as well as applying our own research on body percussion and neuro music.

Children are encouraged to learn music whilst having fun!


Learning music for children between the ages of 2,5 and 4,5 involves exploring the sounds of music with their entire body. This multisensory approach helps them make sense of their surroundings and develop cognitive and mental representations of the world around them. Furthermore, when children learn in an environment that encourages movement, play, exploration, and interaction with their peers, they also experience growth from an emotional and social perspective. Collaborating and cooperating with others during these activities help children understand social rules and enhance their social and emotional development.

When we use a child-led music-and-movement approach, we’re not only facilitating the children’s musical learning but also supporting their overall development through continuous engagement with the environment and their peers during our music classes.

If supported and not judged, children at this age can sing, improvise and compose their own songs. They are also able to express their preferences in music. Little by little, they start imitating and assimilating music.

Music Tree organises group music activities to help children develop their singing and coordination. We create opportunity for the child to explore their movement whilst listening and singing to music. We focus on playing together, showing respect for others and sharing our ideas and musicality. The creative ideas of every child are always accepted and acknowledged by the teacher who transforms them into songs and musical games.

Alongside the development of music skills, all activities are planned to support the cognitive, psychomotor and socio-emotional development including attention, concentration, problem-solving and inhibition control above all.

Music Tree’s teachers are wonderful. The group music classes are a real highlight of our week and my 4-year-old son loves them. As well as being a great musician, the teachers have lots of energy and enthusiasm and a brilliant way of engaging with the children. They have a perfect balance of patience, firmness and encouragement. Thanks to them my son has discovered music through play, listening, and using his body. The group music class is very interactive, engaging and fun. I highly recommend Music Tree!

– Marta, Cesare’s mum (5 years old)

Tiziana is great at working with children and the music lesson environment is very enjoyable. My twin girls love going to her classes every week. They always come back excited to tell me about all the instruments they’ve tried and each lesson is full of laughter and giggles. We are very excited about starting piano lessons with Music Tree next year. I would highly recommend Tiziana’s lessons to all parents who care about their children’s development through music.

– Lea, Izzy and Nina’s mum (4 years old)

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Join our sessions

CLASS SIZE: 4 to 6 children max

DURATION OF THE CLASSES: 45 minutes (including welcome and goodbye)



  • 4.00pm 3-4 no parents


  • 4.00pm 3-4 with parents
  • 4.00pm 3-4 no parents (fully booked)


  • 10.30 3-3,5 without parents
  • 11.15am 2,5-3,5 with parents
  • 11.15am 3,5-4,5 with parents

Trial classes

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  • This ticket will automatically book you for two trial classes in consecutive weeks, on the same day of the week. It is kindly requested that you inform us if you cannot attend one of the two classes. Notification must be given at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your booking. Thank you for your understanding.

Autumn term booking

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  • from the 15th April to the 17th July (half-term break 27th May – 2nd July)
  • two reschedules per term

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    Advantages of Annual Booking:

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        • Complimentary access to “Music at Home” online course

    By opting for annual booking, you can enjoy these exclusive benefits that add value to your music learning experience with us at Music Tree.

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    Rescheduled and missed classes

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      About the classes

      • Fun and engaging music activities
      • Live music
      • Discovering instruments
      • Developing cognitive, motor and social skills
      • Restricted class numbers (max 10 children)


      Sing their creativity – The book

      22 music games / 69 songs with audio

      Re-create our wonderful music adventures with your child to continue the learning at home!

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