Group sessions children 5-9

Group Sessions Children 5-8

At Music Tree we love to encourage children to participate in our Sing and Play group sessions. They are a wonderful way to introduce your child to the world of music as well as being a great environment for socialising and developing skills.

I have been a music teacher and music therapist for many years and I discovered that children aged 5-9 are excited by the idea of studying an instrument, but are often still too young to commit to weekly practice in order to achieve their desired goals.

This often leads to a lack of motivation for the child, frustration for the parents and soon after, many give up and move away from music altogether, an all too familiar pattern which many of us sadly can relate to.

Fortunately, the old outdated methods are changing and a more positive inclusive one is emerging which looks at the educational benefits of nurturing our children’s curiosity in an environment that is fun, musical and social. That’s why I created our Sing and Play course at Music Tree.

Sing and play 5-7

At Sing and Play, we don’t skip on the important building blocks of music, we focus on making them enjoyable and easily understood through our creative games, group playing and improvisation. All our children have the opportunity to try and play a variety of instruments which is a great way for them to decide what they like and what they don’t.

We love seeing and hearing happy and engaged students and our Sing and Play course is a great foundation for your child to find out what they love about music, before taking their next step on their musical journey.

These classes, inspired by Gordon’s Music Learning Theory, are based on my personal research in body music and neuro music.



    • 4.15pm 5-6 yo
    • 5.00pm 6,5-7,5 yo


    • 3.45pm 6,5-7,5 yo
    • 4.15pm 5-6 yo


    • 4.15pm 5-6 yo


    • 4.30pm 5-6 yo


    • 5.00pm 5,5-6,5 yo 
    • 5.00pm 6,5-7,5 yo


    • Saturday 12.00pm 5-6 yo
    • Saturday 12.00pm 6-7 yo
    • Saturday 12.45pm 5-6 yo
    What instruments are included in the curriculum for students to explore?

    We have designed our curriculum to allow students to explore a variety of instruments throughout the terms, including piano, ukulele, percussion, melodic bars and bells, xylophone, and metallophones. Piano and ukulele are the main focus, with each instrument receiving 3-4 sessions in a row of concentrated learning (piano usually 4 lessons, ukulele 2-3).

    How does the school plan to provide adequate playing time for each student during the music lessons?

    We provide adequate playing time to each student during the lesson, ensuring that they get to practice and play the piano and/or ukulele many times during the lesson. Although the playing time may vary slightly depending on the level of the student and the pace of the lesson, we aim to provide each child with ample time to practice and develop their skills, with the aim of playing together in a music ensemble.

    PIANO: children usually practice at the piano alone a few times and then together in duets or trios on the same instrument, learning not only their part but also how to play together

    UKULELE: each child has an instrument to practice during the classes (provided by the school or brought from home – the latter is the best solution so they can keep practicing at home).

    What is the approach to instrument rotation in the curriculum?

    We believe that this approach to instrument rotation not only provides a well-rounded music education but also helps the students develop their musical tastes and preferences. By exploring different instruments, they can discover what they enjoy playing and what they may want to pursue further in the future.

    How do the students prepare for the recitals and what is the process for choosing the instrument they will perform with?

    In preparation for the Christmas and summer recital, the children will have the opportunity to choose the instrument they prefer to use for their performance. This way, they can showcase their newfound skills and confidence with an instrument that they feel comfortable and confident playing.

    Explore and Create 7-9

    For students that have previously attended Music Tree’s group classes or individual lessons

    Explore and Create is an engaging and comprehensive music course tailored for children aged 7 to 9 that have previously attended Music Tree’s course or 1-1 classes. Designed to provide an enjoyable and well-rounded music education experience, the course encompasses creative games, group playing, improvisation and composition.

    Throughout the course, children will delve into the captivating world of music, with a focus on developing skills in ukulele, piano, recorder, percussions, and chime bars. These instruments offer a diverse range of sounds and techniques, allowing students to explore different musical dimensions and express their creativity.

    An integral part of the course is singing in small ensembles, where children will have the opportunity to practice harmonies. This collaborative singing experience fosters teamwork, cooperation, and active listening, enabling students to develop their musical ear and sense of harmony. By working together to create beautiful vocal harmonies, children also learn the value of communication, collaboration and the joy of making music as a group.

    In addition to instrumental and vocal exploration, the course places importance on developing music literacy skills. Students will learn how to read and write music in both treble and bass clef, empowering them to navigate and understand musical notation. The exploration of harmony and chords, scales and modes further expands their musical knowledge and provides a foundation for composition and improvisation.

    While maintaining a fun and engaging atmosphere, the course allows ample room for student creativity and ideas. Children will have opportunities to express their musical preferences, experiment with different sounds and rhythms, and even compose their own songs and pieces. This encourages self-expression, nurtures their artistic instincts, and builds confidence in their musical abilities.

    Explore and Create offers a holistic and enriching music education experience, providing children with a solid foundation in various musical elements. Through the combination of instrument exploration, ensemble singing, music literacy, and creative expression, students will embark on a captivating musical journey that nurtures their love for music, expands their skills, and ignites their imagination.


    • Tuesday 4.30pm 
    • Wednesday 5.00pm 
    • Thursday 3.30pm

    Please notice that Music Tree’s Piano Book  is mandatory for all children attending the classes Sing and Play and Explore and Create, from Autumn term 2023-2024.

    Resources for parents

    you will also find online courses recorded by our teachers to support your child’s practise between the weekly classes (Sing and Play – ukulele; Sing and Play – piano)

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    CLASS SIZE: 4 to 10 children max

    DURATION OF THE CLASSES: 45 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the number of participants in each group.

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          About the classes

          • Fun and engaging music activities
          • Learning of different instruments (piano, ukulele and percussions)
          • Developing of coordination, singing and basic music grammar
          • Restricted class numbers (max 6 children)


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