Events for adults

At Music Tree we believe that music is very important for adults in reducing stress and tension, supporting their general well-being and having fun! We’ve got some great group classes planned for you that are taking place in the weekday evenings.

Musica do Circulo – Open workshop

With Zuza Gonçalves

The course offers an experience mainly based on two simultaneous processes of development: musical and social. To reach this blend, the work makes use of many different practices (body percussion, circle song, music games, circle dance, cooperative games, pedagogy of cooperation, nonviolent communication and culture of peace), which come together to deepen the effects of collective music making. The techniques, resources and values in this work are always serving the intention of building a light, playful and comfortable atmosphere, not only where people can make mistakes and experiment themselves but also where they can bring their own voice, listen to each other and connect with the spirit of being in a musical community. We connect to make music. We make music to connect.

Musician and artist-educator dedicated especially to vocal music, he has been exploring alternative paths in collective music-making for almost 20 years.

He is an educator at the Sesc Vila Mariana Music Center and part of the faculty of Bobby McFerrin’s Circlesongs Workshop at the Omega Institute in New York.



  • Tuesday 12th December 2024


  • Half-day £40
  • Full day £75 

Contact and booking

Contact us at 


Ukulele for parents and carers

Learn how to play the ukulele and rediscover your musicality to bring more music into your home.

Learning how to play an instrument may seem really complicated but the ukulele is the instrument that proves otherwise. Simple and intuitive, it allows you to have fun while improving your musical skills!

In this course we will awaken your musicality through simple singing and body music activities and we will teach you a lot of songs that you will be able to share with your children.



  • It’s easier than you think
  • You can bring it with you everywhere
  • It’s perfect to make new friends
  • It’s cheap!
  • It’s versatile
  • It’s perfect at parties
  • It’s a great instrument to bring music in your home
  • It helps you to relax

Join our group session where you will learn how to play the ukulele whilst having fun singing and playing Music Tree’s and some famous tunes. The ukulele it’s a great instrument to start (o re-start) your journey with music.

You can bring your ukulele, use Music Tree’s ones for free on your first class or buy one from us.

The teachers

Leon Michael King, guitarist

Sam West, singer song-writer, guitarist

Dates autumn term

  • Monday 7.15-8.15pm
  • Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm


  • Monday and Wednesday £198

Music Tree does not refund any missed classes.

Contact and booking

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Seeds of Sound – Healing Circle:

Drum bath, chanting, voice meditation, sharing circle


Sunday 3rd December 2023 

An opportunity to activate and liberate blocked points in your physical and energetic body through the drum, your own voice, dynamics & more

Let the Drum Beat entrain with your Heart and energy field ; Let your Voice and Movement be a tool to activate and liberate blocked points in your physical and energetic body.

During this 3 hours you can expect:

– Cleansing of your physical and energetic body through drumming and vocal sounds

– Dynamics in pairs or as a group

– Sound/Voice Guided Meditations to balance, ground and centre yourself

– Drum Circle

– Singing and chanting

– A space where you feel safe, welcomed and at ease

– Guidance and support

– Sharing Circle

What you will need:

– Comfortable clothing

– Bottle of water

– Any kind of percussion instrumet that could be carried easliy (some drums and percussion will allso be available)

– A mat of blanket to seat on


Stephan Hein


The facilitator

Elizabeth Nott (musician, sound healer and reiki master)

Suraia Taha (massage therapist, reflexologist and Priestess of the 4 Elements from the shamanism of the Mother Goddess of Terra Mirim, Bahia, Brazil)

Dates autumn term and fees

  • Sunday 17th September 2023
  • At Music Tree from 2.00pm to 5.00pm
  • £30 


Elizabeth Nott:


Community drum circle – Play your own!


  • 15th December at 6.30pm

Come and enjoy yourself while playing drums or percussion with others in a fun, safe and relaxed atmosphere!
You do not have to be a musician/drummer at all! You just have to be open to listen, and explore your own possibilities within this playful setting.

It is not about the drumming. It is about connecting to yourself and others through the medium of rhythm and song.

Lara Eidi

The facilitator

Elizabeth Nott’s passion for community work started many years ago back in Venezuela where she grew up in a community where there was music, dance and amazing food all around! Already at a young age, Elizabeth would pick up an empty bottle and start playing along with the music…
Here is UK, Elizabeth has been a percussionist for 13 years, mainly of MIddle Eastern and Balkan traditions. After taking a 4 day course in Scotland with the amazing Village Music Circle facilitators Paul, Jane and Ray, she now wants to bring some of that fun/communal atmosphere from her childhood and from the facilitation course here in London.

Info and fees

  • 15th December from 6.30pm to 8.00pm
  • Adults only – Percussion provided
  • Limited to 15 people in total
  • Cost: £12 per person 


Middle Eastern Percussion and Music session

Saturday 28th January 2023


BEGINNERS / LOW INTERMEDIATE from 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Come and learn how to play a very popular drum in the Middle East, Turkey, North Africa
and in Central Asian. The frame drum (Called Daf in the Levant, Bendir in Turkey and
Morocco, Dayere in Central Asia and Tar or Duf in Egypt) has links to Shamanic practices
from Siberia as well as from the sieving work women would do in their villages. It is
probably the most ancient drum and very much related to women of antiquity. The frame
drum is used in Sufi ceremonies as well as in more secular events, now throughout the
whole world.
“Frame drum” is a general name in English for a drum characterised by having a round
frame with a depth less than its diameter. The circle of the frame is covered with a patch of
animal or synthetic skin, usually on one side only.
The techniques of playing vary depending on whether you are holding it upright, on your
lap or between your legs.
During this session you will learn to play it in the Upright style, which is believed to have
been the most commonly style used in ceremonies in antiquity.
If you have a frame drum please bring it the teacher only has a few to share.

  • The course is limited to 12 people.
  • Next session to be announced shortly.

MidEast Music Session for Drummers


Elizabeth has devised this session for those drummers (Darbuka and frame drummers) wanting to play along a melody or song, live, in person. Depending of the session, there willbe Our, Nay or Violin guests to play Arabic, Turkish and Greek repertoire!

  • It is not a jam session as some of the participants might need some assistance.
  • NOTE: Mainly for those already with some experience playing the basic tones and rhythms on the drum. Not for total beginners.
Stephan Hein


  • Dates TBC
  • £15 / £12 current students
  • PAY PAL: – reference Frame drumming

The facilitator:

Elizabeth has been a musician, music teacher and professional Middle Eastern percussionist for the last 14 years. She is Venezuelan/British, based in London for 20 years. She did studies in ethnomusicology as SOAS, focusing the music of the Middle East and North Africa. Since then, she has performed with various artists around UK and abroad including Maya Youssef, Ahmed Mukhtar, Amira Kheir, Karama, Tatcho Drom, Fear of the Forest and many more. Her interest in the relationship with the body and learning music lead her to do a 2 year course in Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Body music with several musicians and facilitators. Five years ago, she started her own healing journey and took courses in Reiki and Sound Healing. She is today a qualified Reiki Master and Sound Healer and has her own practice
at home.


Elizabeth Nott /

Music as medicine

Singing sounds of Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Come and join our community singing for good health & well-being in body, mind and soul.

Mantra and Kirtan have their roots in the musical tradition of India. Mantra means “to transport the mind”, and Kirtan means to sing mantras, chants and songs in community. This practice is the meeting point of Nada Yoga, the “Yoga of sound”, and Bhakti Yoga, the “Yoga of devotion”.

Stephan Hein

The ancient Yogis have long known about the healing qualities of sound & music and have developed high skill and wisdom for their application. Today’s research confirms the soothing and healing potential of the vibrations of sound for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Calming the nervous systems and the heart, sound & music can restore balance and resilience on every layer of experience.

The facilitator

Stephan Hein. CAM-Practitioner (complementary holistic therapies), Yoga teacher and musician Stephan will guide you into a world of soothing stillness, inspiration and joy with a fusion of sounds from East & West. You don’t need to be a good singer to come along. All are welcome.

Dates autumn term and fees

  • Last Friday of the month (29th September)
  • Sessions take place at Music Tree from 7pm – 8.30pm
  • £15 – pay in advance on Paypal to – Stephan Hein, at or – pay cash on the door


Stephan Hein phone: 07946 537 543 /

Terms and conditions

Music Tree does not provide refunds for any missed classes. In case of a teacher’s absence, the lesson will be rescheduled at the end of the term.