“I am very grateful to Tiziana and her team for responding so quick in the difficult events unfolding the last 2 months. During this lockdown kids, our kids have done enormous efforts to go against their social nature and stay distant from their friends. Thankfully not from their interests and that’s because educators like Tiziana and her team are always alert to find ways to communicate music and give children creative fun even under these difficult circumstances. Every day we are grateful to have music around the world in our screen, we dance, tap, move around, play instruments but most importantly see in our screen children from different countries of the world do the same as we do. Reminding us we are not alone in this. We are all one in this and it’s beautiful to be daily connected through music in this, gives us all as family courage and positivity. Thank you, Music Tree….for everything you do for the little ones but for us the parents also” – Ioanna, Nelly’s mum (5 yo)

Tiziana POZZO


Music for children 0-5 years old

“What struck me from the moment we came in was the welcoming, friendly atmosphere that the teachers were able to create. Addressing each child by their name, noticing them and their interests – it makes such a difference. And the class itself was so enjoyable. I was only planning to try it once since it’s not super close to us, but now thinking I will commit to coming weekly. It’s one that I will actually really enjoy going to with my son! If you are looking for a better way to introduce music than nursery rhymes (let’s face it, they get annoying after some time), this class is the answer.” – Kate, on Hoop

“This is a fantastic music class for babies and toddlers. Most of the other music classes have instructors speaking so quickly it’s difficult to keep up- even as an adult! The children in this class were so happy to understand everything, not have verbal communication going right over their heads for 90% of the time. Really would recommend this class for anyone open-minded who loves music and wants their child to feel included.” – Hoop review

“This class is so different to any others I’ve been to. I love the silence between the music so babies can react and assimilate and Tiziana is amazing! I would definitely recommend it!”

— Caroline, Romaric’s mum (8 months old)

“I took my daughter from 3 months till 15 months old and she simply loved Tiziana’s classes, and so did I. They are unlike any other classes I’ve been to: really about experimenting and interacting with sounds, rhythm and music, allowing each child to express their response without any expectation. Each class is fun and also builds from one to another to enable a child to play more and more with music. I wish I could still attend and would recommend her unequivocally to every child and parent!” 

— Edwina, Ayla’s mum (15 months old)

“I absolutely recommend Tiziana as a music teacher. She is very competent and passionate: kids simply love her. Both my children attended her lessons according to Gordon Theory since they were about 15 months old. They absorbed music in a funny way and in a cosy place. Not to mention that being a working mum, the time spent singing and dancing with my children during Tiziana’s lessons was precious. My son is now 7 years old and plays proficiently violin, while my daughter, 5 years old, expresses her great musicality in ballet class. They both genuinely enjoy music and everything related thereto. Thumbs up Tiziana!”

— Chiara, Cecilia and Filippo’s mum

“By far the best music class i ve been with my little one. Tiziana is a very inspirational teacher, very dedicated in what she does, highly informed in music and psychology, but most importantly with a great love and passion to teach children. Her love is evident, My little one can’t wait to go to her class every week. As a parent I love her flexibility in adjusting the toddler classes on their developmental needs and teaching them so many other life skills in the context of music.Thank you Tiziana Pozzo for being such a positive inspiration in Nelly’s life.”

— Ioanna, Nelli’s mum (3 years old)

“A wonderful and useful experience! Tiziana is one of the best teachers and she is really very good with kids! When we attended the classes, my baby, Arianna was about 2 years old and she enjoyed it a lot! She started singing all the time the pam pam songs and also dancing because from an emotional point of view she felt very good! We had a lot of fun and I strongly recommend it!

— Chiara, Arianna’s mum

“Tiziana is great at working with children and the music lesson environment is very enjoyable. My twin girls love going to her classes every week. They always come back excited to tell me about all the instruments they’ve tried and each lesson is full of laughter and giggles. We are very excited about starting piano lessons with Tiziana next year. I would highly recommend Tiziana’ s lessons to all parents who care about their children’s development through music.” 

— Lea, Izzy and Nina’s mum (4 years old)

“Tiziana is a wonderful music teacher. Her group music class is a real highlight of our week and my 4-year-old son loves having her as a music teacher. As well as being a great musician Tiziana has loads of energy and enthusiasm and a brilliant way of engaging with the children. She has a perfect balance of patience, firmness and encouragement. Thanks to Tiziana my son has discovered music through play, listening, and using his body. The group music class is very interactive, engaging and fun. I highly recommend Tiziana!

— Marta, Cesare’s mum (5 years old)

“Tiziana Pozzo es increíblemente increíble!!! Gracias por todo lo que has aportado a nuestros niños y niñas. Tú pasión, profesionalidad, cariño y dedicación ha quedado marcado en muchos pequeños corazones. Graciassssss. Un abrazooo”

— Rosana, director of the Nursery “Trazos y Rayajos” in Spain

Music therapy

“Tiziana is the type of music teacher you want to have in your kids’ lives for years to come. My son has been diagnosed with high-functioning autism and can be difficult to manage, and she knew just how to manage and get through to him to bring out his musical creativity, without pressuring him at all. She even contacted his other practitioners to make sure everyone was on the same page. I cannot recommend Tiziana more highly. She is a gem!”

— Margaret, Sam’s mum (4 years old)

“Tiziana is one of the shining lights you find on your journey with a special needs child.  From the moment our three year old  (autistic, non-verbal) son met Tiziana, he was so drawn to her warm and caring demeanour.  Their connection was instantaneous due to her ability to tune into my son’s needs and interests.  I’m so grateful  for the thoughtful planning that goes into each session, as well as the careful reflection afterwards through videos and discussion with parents .  It is evident that Tiziana has so much knowledge and skill that she pours into every therapy session.  Most of all, it is her passion for what she does that really makes her practice truly remarkable.  Thank you for everything Tiziana!”

— Monserrat, Henry’s mum (3 years old)

Training courses

“Tiziana is a great professional and a wonderful person! Her Skype sessions were fundamental to my work! Precise ideas, suggestions for many games and activities, clear explanations with the addition of video and descriptions, have allowed me to easily use the music in my workshops by offering different stimuli for each type of audience and age!”

— Lucilla, art therapist and educator

“We have entirely positive feedback from the workshop with Tiziana and Katy! The fantastic thing from the quartet’s point of view, was that whilst we learnt a huge amount about how to work with deaf children specifically – a lot of what was discussed could easily be applied to communication skills in wider contexts; working in a participatory workshop, university classes or speaking to concert audiences.
Tiziana and Katy were also very interested in knowing about how own workshop practice and provide very useful feedback on how to adapt this to the needs of deaf children.”

— Ligeti Quartet, regarding music for deaf students

Samuel West


“West’s voice is utterly stunning, capturing the power of the source material and turning a cramped Sneaky Pete’s into a cavernous hall, echoing his words around a raptured room. The precise falsetto pronunciation of Lilac Wine and Corpus Christi Carol are captivating while the grungy roar of Eternal Life is cutting.”

— Corrie Innes @ The Skinny / Start to End: Jeff Buckley’s Grace, Edinburgh, 27 June 2018

“Raw, exciting and full of energy. A brilliantly orchestrated immersive score.”

— London Theatre / Becoming Shades 2018

“Nothing short of breathtaking. A piercingly beautiful soundtrack.”

— Last Minute Theatre Tickets / Becoming Shades  2018

“Solid Air is considered a defining British record of the 1970s – a tough one to pull off, especially with Martyn’s distinctive vocal timbre. The opening (and title) track could be a particularly difficult one to emulate, but within a few seconds of Sam West’s rich vocals echoing out across the venue, it’s clear the Glaswegian singer-songwriter is a perfect match for Martyn’s haunted tenor.”

— Claire Francis @ The Skinny / Start to End: John Martyn’s Solid Air, Glasgow 23 Jan ’18



“I’m happy to recommend Caterina’s piano lessons because I believe she’s a really very attentive, patient and prepared teacher. At the same time though she is precise and stimulating. In few months my son learned so much and I’m really sorry he didn’t start sooner.” – Lucia

“Super Maestro Caterina, an exceptional teacher, very good, attentive and very professional. She knows how to engage the children, and she is very empathetic. Thank you for the wonderful four years of kindness and patience with Andrei. ” – Claudia

“Great teaching and communication skills, she knows how to get you interested and she’s also a great performer!” – Irene

“A true dedication to music and teaching. Caterina explains everything with precision, clarity, simplicity and fun!” – Raffaele



“Flavia has been working with J. for the past 3 years as his ABA therapist. She has been amazing and her knowledge of ABA and dedication is clear for all to see. She knows just how to manage therapy sessions so that they are both fun and effective! I have no hesitation in recommending Flavia for other children on the spectrum. She will be an asset to any ABA program!” – Cynthia, J.’s mum 10 years old