Are you attending a music class with your little one?

Here you can find a description of the ACCULTURATION, the first stage of the musical learning (usually between the age of 0 to 3 years) according to the Music Learning Theory – MLT – of Edwin E. Gordon.

Our courses for babies are based on the MLT with the aim of helping the development of the natural musical potential of the children.

We hope that the following description can help you understand the natural responses of your baby to the music!



Weekly musical suggestion

Good morning everyone!

We would like to wish you a nice beginning of the week with this amazing musical piece! We’re sure you will recognise it!

Today’s weekly musical suggestion is a famous standard jazz called Someday my prince will come, performed in this version by Bill Evans and his trio in 1960.

What do you think about it?

Yes, exactly!

The melody of this standard jazz is the same that Snow white sungs in the famous Disney’s animated movie Snow white and the Seven dwarfs, released in 1937.

Originally written as a waltz by Larry Morey (lyrics) and Frank Churchill (music), and performed by Adriana Caselotti, this song became a famous standard jazz performed during the decades by amazing musician as Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Grant Green, Oscar Peterson, Clare Fischer, Leon Spencer Jr. and many times by Herbie Hancock, who would use it as the basis for a virtuoso showpiece display.

There are also many covers of the song, recorded for example by Diana Ross and The Supremes, Sinéad O’Connor and Julie Andrews.

How can I listen to this song with my child?

To help your children’s musical development you can simply listen to the piece while they are playing or resting.

The brain in children aged 0 to 6 is producing a huge amount of synapses so you can already make the difference by exposing your little ones to complex and various music, helping them through the listening process. Their learning potential would do the rest  🙂

And if your child is already able to read you might want to sing along pretending to be in a karaoke! Follow Snow white’s voice in the link above and have fun!

See you next week!

Marta MusindòAt Highbury Park Music we have decided to take inspiration from our Italian friend Marta!
Marta Noè is a great music educator that runs the Italian blog Musindò, which offers every week a selected musical piece to be listen at home with the children.
At HPM we choose our musical proposals according to the Music Learning Theory of Edwin E. Gordon and our experiences as music educators.
With the aim of helping the development of the musical potential of the child, we follow the principals of contrast, briefness, variety and complexity as fundamental elements of our weekly musical suggestions.