At Highbury Park music we are also specialised in songwriting and recording.

Songwriting/Artist Development

Our live-in producer Sam West, recently awarded to The OFFies, has 15 years of songwriting experience and has written and produced on many different albums with different artists. His wide palette of tastes has seen him produce and write music for Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, Blues, Dubstep, EDM and Film and TV.

Songwriting is a wonderful art form and a very expressive tool and here at Highbury Park Music, we are looking to help you start, develop and/or refine that process for you. If you are a beginner or an artist looking to finish off some of your songs we can help you. We have a production suite that allows us to record, demo, experiment and capture your sounds with some lovely microphones. Let us help bring your ideas to life!

Artist Development Package – We can help you get your music from off the paper and onto Spotify and iTunes etc. Over a series of sessions, we can work towards developing an artist in many different ways; from improving musicianship, singing techniques, songwriting and developing a musicians sonic signature. Let us help to bring your music to life!

Click on some of the links below to hear some examples of what we can do here.

Pop – Angelfire – Becoming Shades

Rock – Queen Of Hearts – The Big Figure

Jazz – Both Sides Now – Samuel West

Country – Sweet Lover – Ashton Lane

Blues – This Train – The Fortunate Sons

Dubstep – The Beast – Becoming Shades/Massive Attack

EDM – The Corination – Becoming Shades



An American now based in London, Julie is a graduate of The Frost School of Music at The University of Miami. Drawing on her experience as a theatre actress, Julie has transferred her skills to voicing documentaries, commercials and games. She also writes and records library music for film, TV and commercials, which has been placed with publishers across America and Europe. Last year, Julie’s lyrics for her song “Please Waste My Time” were featured in the September issue of American Songwriter magazine.

Whilst living in New York, Julie studied voice for 5 years under prominent Broadway vocal technician Marianne Challis. She has many years of experience teaching private and group singing lessons, as well as choirs and workshops and is currently a singing tutor at the acclaimed Arts Educational Schools in Chiswick.

Julie is also a certified teacher of The Alexander Technique, and uses a holistic approach to teaching singing, especially focusing on a healthy, natural sound. Julie has performed in theatres and concert halls including Carnegie Hall (New York City), The Juilliard School (NYC), The Metropolitan Room (NYC), The Oak Room (NYC), New York State Theatre Institute, The Forge (London), Shakespeare Festival of Dallas (Texas), and Lyric Stage (Texas).