My names Sam and I’m one of the co-founders and music teachers here at Music Tree. I teach guitar, ukulele, singing and songwriting. I have always been passionate about music ever since I can remember. making up songs, listening to music for hours and harmonising with the radio are some of my really early memories. It is no wonder then that music was truly the only path I was drawn to. Over the years I have received a first-class BA in music, trained as an operatic vocalist, played in rock bands all over the world, written and composed music for shows in the UK and ran songwriting workshops in Europe. My philosophy is simple, music is about connection, connection to each other but also to an instrument whatever it may be. If you can find this with musical expression it will be your lifelong friend and can help you through all the many ups and downs that life throws at you. When you work with me, I will help you find your path and help you form that deep connection with your chosen instrument which has so many benefits such as better cognitive function, critical thinking, social skills, anxiety and stress relief and a more creative outlook on many aspects of life.

Sam Music