MUSIC TREE’s resources for children and teachers.

Resources for Teachers

MUSIC TREE PIANO BOOK Growing your skills from the ground up - Book 1

MUSIC TREE PIANO BOOK has been created to simplify the piano learning process and make it enjoyable for young students and their parents.

In this book, teachers will find a clear, simple, and playful approach that leads young children to acquire essential musical concepts and apply them to the piano with ease.

For parents, our book provides a fun and engaging way for your children to learn the piano. With a clear and playful approach, your child will quickly grasp fundamental concepts of musical grammar and start playing the piano with no stress!


EBOOK AVAILABLE VIA EMAIL (15% discount for teachers that have purchase online courses).

THE FIRST IMPRESSION - Foundation Masterclass

Start your music courses on the right foot and keep your amazing clients! 

Are you tired of losing potential clients due to underwhelming trial lessons? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! In the world of education and training, making a stellar first impression is a must!

In these uncertain times, starting new courses can be challenging, with doubts and questions filling the air. However, we can’t afford to let fantastic potential clients slip through our fingers simply because of a bad trial lesson. After all, we’ve put in so much effort and dedication to perfect our craft.

In The First Impression I share the secrets and tricks that have contributed to our phenomenal 98% enrolment rate at Music Tree.

Sounding Out

SING THEIR CREATIVITY A guide to music activities, songs and props with preschool children

The main objective of the activity series described in this guide, based on Music Tree’s approach, is to provide support for teachers working with preschool children. These activities have been developed through interactive play with the children during sessions. They stem from building relationships, fostering shared experiences, encouraging active participation, facilitating verbal and nonverbal communication, promoting attentive listening, and cultivating mutual respect. Each activity is spontaneously created, carefully analysed, and subsequently repeated with different groups of children from diverse educational backgrounds. The games are not limited to specific songs but are adaptable musical adventures that can be customised to suit the chosen musical context by the teacher.

EBOOK AVAILABLE VIA EMAIL (15% discount for teachers that have purchase online courses). Prices differer by country to make the book accessible.



An entire week with activities, live lessons and two free webinars to introduce creative music games in your classes with strong theoretical foundations.


Sounding Out


A toolkit for music practitioners working with deaf students.


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Free resources for families

Sing and play - ukulele (age 5-8)

Sing and Play – Ukulele is a 2-lesson free resource for Music Tree students aged 5 to 7 that are starting ukulele classes online or in person.


Sing and play - Piano (age 5-8)

Sing and Play – Piano is a 2-lesson free resource for Music Tree students aged 5 to 7 that are starting piano classes online or in person.


Listen here to some of our songs for children