“I absolutely recommend Tiziana as a music teacher. She is very competent and passionate: kids simply love her. Both my children attended her lessons according to Gordon Theory since they were about 15 months old. They absorbed music in a funny way and in a cosy place. Not to mention that being a working mum, the time spent singing and dancing with my children during Tiziana’s lessons was precious. My son is now 7 years old and plays proficiently violin, while my daughter, 5 years old, expresses her great musicality in ballet class. They both genuinely enjoy music and everything related thereto. Thumbs up Tiziana!” – Cecilia and Filippo’s mum

The perfect group class to support your children’s musical development when they start playing an instrument.

This is a class based on the Gordon’s Music Learning Theory, neuro music and other music methodologies. The teacher supports children’s musical development through music activities that involve singing, body percussion, playing instruments and musical grammar. 

Participants explore music through improvisation, imitation and music-making in a group of children that collaborate, play together and have fun. Attention is also paid to important developmental aspects such as the stimulation of the attention and concentration; development of motor skills; language and other cognitive functions.