Our teachers

CATERINA TOSO graduated in piano and completed her Masters Degree in Piano Performance with highest grades and honours at the Conservatorio of Alessandria (Italy). She received many awards for competing in national and international competition and she had the chance to perform as a soloist and in ensemble formations in several cities in the north of Italy, France and Rome. Caterina has been teaching the piano for almost ten years, both to children and adults. She’s a certified teacher for the Suzuki and Willems method, and she has also attended workshops on the Gordon’s Music Learning Theory at Highbury Park Music. In 2018 she also collaborated on the project AMI (Inclusive Music Activity) helping people with physical and mental disabilities express and connect while playing in small orchestra groups. 

SOFIA DOUKLIA is a Greek musician and early years educator, with an MA in Music Education (Kingston University), a Ba in Preschool Education, holding a certificate in Music therapy (Opera music school-Athens and short courses from Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy centre, Croydon). She’s also a professional singer and currently she works as a music education assistant and a choir director (4-12 years old children).

TIZIANA POZZO Music therapist, educator and pianist, Tiziana has collaborated for years with educational institutions (from nurseries to universities) on music projects in Italy, Spain and the UK.  Tiziana graduated in piano from the Music Conservatoire in Venice and in Music Therapy in Padova (Italy). She specialised attending courses in Italy and abroad in the development of children and their natural understanding of music. In 2016 she started collaborating with Creative Futures and University College London for different research. She is one of the co-founders of Highbury Park Music and Music Tree. She also works in the UK and abroad running CPD courses for teachers, educators and music therapists.

MICHAEL ROTHMAN I’m a multi-instrumentalist, music producer and Alexander
Technique teacher from Brazil. I play flute, drum kit, percussion, as
well as piano, guitar, bass, and beatbox. Focusing on our thinking process and
emotional expression, Iʼm always looking for enjoyment and purpose in my
students’ practice. My whole focus is teaching the kids how to think music, how to perceive thinks better and more clearly in a fun environment. I believe that freedom comes through the ability to express ourself and that we can use music as a tool for
personal development. Attitude plays a very important part in our lives, and
music is a great platform to explore that asset that is usually put in second
place in everyday activities. Creativity and exploration are a big part of my
lessons, through learning how to improvise, exploring different musical
phrases, or creating new rhythms for songs and exercises. Above all, the love
for music is what connects and permeates everything else, thatʼs the drive for a
rich and enhancing musical experience.