Sessions are held at Highbury Park Music and at students’ houses in various areas of London.

The instrument tuitions proposed for children and adolescents 5 years of age and older are based on more than 15 years of music teaching experience in Italy, Spain and the UK.

Our classes are structured following the main musical methodologies for the instrument approach (Kodaly, Gordon, Suzuki, Orff, Willems) and the latest research in neuroscience and music to create a path that follows the student’s needs and creativity.
We also follow the preparation for exams and tests.


During early childhood, children will be able to approach various musical instruments, recognise their timbre and, discovering the differences, be able to choose more consciously where to concentrate their musical attention. They will learn short instrumental pieces, compose their first melodies and learn the first notions of musical grammar.

When students are around the age of 5 to 6 years old, we usually run 30-minute sessions that involve movement, singing and playing different instruments. This helps the development of their general musical skills (singing, rhythm, coordination) which are fundamental to playing an instrument.

This path aims to prepare children for a conscious choice of a musical instrument, helping their musical development through singing and movement, as well as playing. Playful and fun rhythmic activities will be the basis of the lessons.

The goal is also to create a creative space where the children can discover the sounds, express musical creativity and have fun, before starting a more structured path with the music on a specific instrument.


We run classes for older children and teenagers who want to play the piano, keep focusing on developing their general musical skills through songs and beautiful pieces, improvisation and composition, whilst also learning how to read and understand musical grammar.
At Music Tree they can also be supported to prepare ABRSM exams.


TIZIANA POZZO Music therapist, educator and pianist, Tiziana has collaborated for years with educational institutions (from nurseries to universities) on music projects in Italy, Spain and the UK.  Tiziana graduated in piano from the Music Conservatoire in Venice and in Music Therapy in Padova (Italy). She specialised attending courses in Italy and abroad in the development of children and their natural understanding of music.
In 2016 she started collaborating with Creative Futures and University College London for different research. She is one of the co-founders of Highbury Park Music and Music Tree. She also works in the UK and abroad running CPD courses for teachers, educators and music therapists.

CATERINA TOSO graduated in piano and completed her Masters Degree in Piano Performance with highest grades and honours at the Conservatorio of Alessandria (Italy). She received many awards for competing in national and international competition and she had the chance to perform as a soloist and in ensemble formations in several cities in the north of Italy, France and Rome. Caterina has been teaching the piano for almost ten years, both to children and adults. She’s a certified teacher for the Suzuki and Willems method, and she has also attended
workshops on the Gordon’s Music Learning Theory at Highbury Park Music. In 2018 she also collaborated on the project AMI (Inclusive Music Activity) helping people with
physical and mental disabilities express and connect while playing in small orchestra groups.