As part as First Steps Around The World, we now organise one-to-one classes or private sessions for small groups of children that want to have fun learning a different language. In our classes we sing, dance and play music games, getting all the benefits and support of music.

All our teachers are professional musicians, educators that in the class will speak English as main language and will sing songs coming from their country and traditions, in their own language.

The offer can be combined with our subscription-based course First steps around the world, for an even more complete experience!

You can choose any of our teachers to lead the sessions.

It’s a course that helps to find ways to communicate and give your child creative fun and learning, exploring sounds and words that stimulate the auditory system with the support of music, during interactive activities that also help the children to develop coordination and expression.

  • Country: Brazil
  • Languages: Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish
  • Instruments: Percussions, body music, guitar, ukulele, singing
  • Strentghs: I can play and dance samba (at the same time!)
  • I can’t play properly any ball games (volley, basket, football…)
  • Available for: lessons

  • Country: Iceland
  • Languages: Icelandic, English, Japanese
  • Instruments: Piano, guitar, recorder, singing
  • Strengths: I always want to learn new things
  • Weaknesses: I can’t pick one thing to focus on!
  • Available for: lessons and birthday parties

  • Country: Portugal
  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian, French
  • Instruments: Singing, piano, guitar, percussions
  • Strengths: I know a lot of languages
  • Weaknesses: I can talk for hours and hours and hour and hours on end
  • Available for: lessons and birthday parties

  • Country: Belgium
  • Languages: French, English, Spanish, Greek
  • Instruments: Singing, Piano, Guitar, Percussions
  • Strengths: I’m very energetic and I love dancing
  • Weaknesses: I’ve broken many bits of furniture while dancing alone in my room.
  • Available for: lessons and birthday parties
  • Country: Iran
  • Languages: Persian, English
  • Instruments: Piano, sitar, flute, Orff percussions

  • Country: Australia 
  • Languages: English, French
  • Instruments: French horn, natural horn, trumpet, ukulele, recorder
  • Strengths: I love what I do
  • Weaknesses: Buying weird wing instruments when I go on holidays around the world (and usually paying far too much for them because I’m terrible at haggling)
  • Available for: lessons
  • Country: Greece 
  • Languages: Greek, English
  • Instruments: Singing, piano, guitar, percussion
  • Strengths: I’m a good performer and I can carry heavy stuff
  • Weaknesses: I have many strengths
  • Available for: lessons and birthday parties
  • Country: Italy 
  • Languages: Italian, Spanish, English
  • Instruments: Piano, ukulele, body music, singing
  • Strengths: I am a happy and positive person, I like to be silly and I can cook a perfect frittata (the Italian tortilla)
  • Weaknesses: I can cook just frittata
  • Available for: lessons

  • Country: Finland
  • Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish
  • Instruments: Body music, singing, kazoo and a little bit of loop station
  • Strengths: I can tap dance
  • Weaknesses: You’ll have to ask my downstairs neighbors