First Steps Around the World


From Australia to Iceland, France to Brazil and many more, our incredible team of music teachers and musicians will introduce your child to the beautiful variety of language and songs that exist in their native countries.

Music is the universal language and no matter where we are in the world people love it and get connected through it.

Lenna from Mozambique

Can you remember the first lullaby that you sung for your child to try to make them sleep, relax or simply to get closer to them? How many times have you sung that song for them, the one that they love the most whilst laughing and playing together? Music has always been there!

The earliest way in which we communicate with our children is through baby talk or “Motherese”, perhaps you’ve used this melodic type of speaking with them? It’s through this early form of communication that they start to recognise early patterns within language and form deep emotional bonds with us. By using this more musical way of speaking, we can facilitate a faster learning process for our children as they focus more easily on the more melodic and rhythmical patterns of our voices.

Children acquire languages when they understand messages easily, they also learn faster when they’re having fun!

By combining music and language, in a fun and interactive way, First Steps Around The World will not only expose your child to many different languages but their learning will also be supported by the power of music.

“During the first 5 years of life, children are like sponges and in that learning window they can absorb really easily the sounds of music and language.”

What can you find in this course?

First Steps in Music is a course that provides you with full access to our database of teachers from all over the world. From there you can choose your own destination, learn a new song and also pick up some new words in many different languages. All our videos are fun, educational and interactive and the teachers will provide you with different gestures, signs, images and drawings to help you understand the songs, making it very accessible and loads of fun!

You will have access to:

  • more than 40 videos in 8 different languages
  • full access to our archive of material including songs, lyrics and vocabulary.

We are so excited to share with you our network of amazing teachers and musicians so they can share with you their passion for music and language. What are you waiting for? Let’s play!

After this course

By the end, your child will have experienced many different languages through a rich musical vocabulary and you will be able to observe them singing songs coming from all over the world. You will see their confidence to speak a new language blossom thanks to the fun and entertaining videos that you brought into your home!

How much does “First steps around the world” cost?


Why sign up to Music Tree online school

  • More than 40 videos from all over the world, forever yours
  • Traditional and original songs coming from all over the world
  • Access to all the videos and downloadable material from our online platform
  • Safe and secure platform
  • Lyrics and sign language supporting the learning of new languages


How many times can I watch the videos?
As many times as you prefer! The course will always be available for you here on Teachable.
Can I watch the course on my TV?
Yes, if you have a Smart TV you can access the course on Teachable from there and if you don’t you can use a laptop connector such as an HDMI cable.
I think of myself as being un-musical. Will I still be able to support my child with this course?
Absolutely yes! Nobody is completely un-musical because music learning never stops so you’re still in time to develop new skills. Also, listening and sharing the experience with your child is the most important thing for them.
Is there an expiry date to watch the videos?
No, the course will always be available for you here on Teachable.