Música do Círculo


With Pedro Consorte

9th and 10th September 2023

Pedro Consorte will back soon in London, don’t miss this opportunity!


Saturday 9th September – 10.00am to 6.00pm

The course offers an experience mainly based on two simultaneous processes of development: musical and social. To reach this blend, the work makes use of many different practices (body percussion, circle song, music games, circle dance, cooperative games, pedagogy of cooperation, nonviolent communication and culture of peace), which come together to deepen the effects of collective music making. The techniques, resources and values in this work are always serving the intention of building a light, playful and comfortable atmosphere, not only where people can make mistakes and experiment themselves but also where they can bring their own voice, listen to each other and connect with the spirit of being in a musical community. We connect to make music. We make music to connect.

Minimum 10 participants.


Sunday 10th September – 10.00am to 6.00pm

This workshop will be an introduction to the Musica do Circulo methodology, explaining the elements and music games that work as a base to this work. It will be an experience for those who want to expand their music facilitation tools and get in touch with an organic, inclusive and humanized approach to collective music making.

It’s an opportunity for musicians, conductors, music teachers or music therapists who want to lead collaborative and collective musical practices based on voice, body, play, improvisation and human relations, studying and practicing the “Música do Círculo” methodology, to develop and improve their own particular way of leading the circle.

This is a workshop both for people who have never studied this methodology and also for people who have already started their Música do Círculo facilitation journey and want to revisit and strengthen the bases of it.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to:

  • Have more tools, games and values that will allow you to create music with any group of people in the most different contexts, while stimulating a sense of togetherness and community building.
  • Develop your relationship with your own musicality through improvisation and non academic musical games and dynamics.
  • Expand your vision on music and human relationships, understanding music as a wide-ranging and transformative phenomenon of the human experience.
  • Get to know techniques, activities and approaches that can be applied both in musical contexts and in groups of “non-musicians”.
  • Connect and get to know people who are also interested in this approach, strengthening and expanding your network, and supporting you in your music circle projects.


You will experience 2 pillars of the Música do Círculo methodology:
Games: Arrow, Minimal Sequence, Echoes, Circlesong, Carousel, Refrain-Improv, Free Contagion
Elements: Contact, Body Music, Improvisation, Play, Movement, Non-Verbal Communication, Flow, Circle

Minimum 8 participants.


Participating to the workshops of the guys of Música Do Círculo has been one of the most important experiences of my life. It enriched and inspired my approach as a facilitator like nothing else did but it also gave me new prospective as a music therapist.
I’ve had the possibility to go to Brazil and see the wonderful community they have built there through circle music and Non-violent Communication and it’s one of those things that I will bring with me throughout my life, so I can tell you that meeting them has changed my life as an adult as well – Tiziana

Foto iniziale 3-5 anni

Pedro Consorte

Foundation Degree in Music (Canterbury Christ Church University), Graduation in Communication of the Arts of the Body (PUCSP), specialization in Pedagogy of Cooperation and Collaborative Methodologies (UNIP), master in Communication and Semiotics (PUCSP), former member and performer of the international show STOMP, co-creator and director of the Musica do Circulo Project (Circle Music Retreat Brazil), with experience of facilitation in more than 15 countries and speaker in the areas of Communication, Dialogue, Cooperation and Human Development.



  • Saturday 9th of September 2023
  • from 10.00am to 6.00pm (7h course and 1h break)
  • Suggested price £50 
  • Minimum 10 participants


  • Saturday 10th of September 2023
  • from 10.00am to 6.00pm (7h course and 1h break)
  • Suggested price £70
  • Minimum 8 participants


  • Suggested price £100
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