Music Tree’s Team

Meet the team

Music Tree’s teachers and music therapists are not just passionate educators, but also talented performers. Every member of our team is a dynamic musician, singer and/or multi-instrumentalist, bringing a wealth of musical richness to our students.

I personally train each teacher working with groups to ensure they embody the Music Tree philosophy and approach, fostering a love for music and sustainable learning.

At Music Tree, we believe in the power of music to inspire and transform. Our teachers are committed to supporting each student in discovering their unique musical passion and style. We look forward to being a part of your musical journey!

All our teachers are DBS checked, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your children. 



Alessia Piermarini


My name is Alessia Piermarini, I’m a singer-songwriter, loop virtuoso, singer, pianist, music teacher and singing facilitator. I strongly believe in the power of music, music is an amazing tool people can connect by without necessarily understand it: music can help us lift our mood, ease our mind, calm our soul, reconnect mind soul and body, overcome a trauma, recover from abuse. My teaching experience has brought me joy and positive things only, it has been very interesting as it keeps help me discover parts of myself I didn’t know I had.

Every student is different: their personality, the pace they learn at, their commitment: every time it’s a new amazing challenge for me to teach them, get to know them, understand them, listen to them, and most of all, inspire them. 

Barbara Bartz


With nearly 15 years of experience, I’ve dedicated a large part of my time to teaching violin and piano. I began my musical journey in Poland at the age of 7, studying violin in a state music school, and later conservatory, until the age 18. After a brief hiatus, during which I pursued my love of literature and completed a masters degree in Polish language and literature, I rediscovered my passion for music after relocating to London. There I began exploring diverse musical genres, engaging in live performances and forming creative collaborations with fellow musicians and artists. I have been working and performing with many bands and projects.

Lately, aside from my role as backing musician, co-arranger and co-writer, I begun composing my own pieces and songs and am now recording and performing my original material, too.
As a teacher, I strive to foster a vibrant connection between students and their learning processes. Drawing from my experience with Alexander Technique, I aim to encourage a healthy relationship with the instrument. I enjoy working with both young beginners and adult learners, tailoring my approach to their needs and nurturing their growth. My commitment to adaptability reflects my dedication to guiding students toward personal and
artistic fulfilment.

Caterina Toso


I am Caterina, I’m Italian and I’ve been teaching for nearly 10 years.
My main goal is to make my students fall in love with music and learning while having fun. It makes me so happy to put a smile on my students’ faces. Teaching can be very hard but what I love most about it is the beautiful opportunity it gives me each day to see things in a whole new perspective and, thanks to this, learn more about music and our human nature.

Daniele Manganaro 


My name is Dan, I am a guitar player and I have been teaching advance, intermediate and beginner guitar to people all age in the last 8 years. I always try to help my students achieving independence in their home practice, providing my favourite tools and a solid method to combine them, in order to – as a teacher – gradually become a comfort rather than a need.

Elizabeth Nott


I am a musician, percussionist, music teacher, Community Drum Circle Facilitator, Reiki Master and Sound Healer. I have performed with various bands and at various settings, including music for theatre and storytelling. I tailor Middle Eastern percussion workshops for beginners, intermediate and upper intermediate, and  have also been teaching guitar, ukulele and piano to children ages 6 to 11 years old for many years, either 1 to 1 or in groups.

Francesca Zaccà


I began my musical journey as a teenager in Naples, driven by a lifelong passion for singing. Under
the guidance of prominent figures in the Italian music scene, I earned a Higher National Diploma in
Music Performance in 2018.
Over the years, I’ve explored various vocal teaching methods, including Estill Voice Training (EVT),
Vocal Music System (VMS), and the Elastic Proprioceptive Method (Proel). Mentorship from
renowned vocal coaches Cheryl Porter and Elizabeth Tillotson helped me develop Soul and Jazz
music expertise.
My curiosity about the voice and commitment to healthy teaching led me to graduate as a modern
singing teacher from ‘La Voice in Didattica’, focusing on vocal anatomy and pathophysiology.

With extensive experience performing in small and large ensembles in various music styles, I can assist students across various genres, tailoring my teaching approach to each student’s needs. After relocating to London, I studied music production and songwriting at the London College of Creative Media (LCCM). Under the guidance of Tiziana Pozzo, I trained in Music Learning Theory by E.E. Gordon for early years, gaining practical experience with the Music Tree Approach.

“Teaching music is both a privilege and a responsibility. Music, as a universal language, has the power to move and touch hearts. Through teaching, we share the joy of music and its essence— fun, collaboration, sharing, attentive listening, vulnerability, hard work, passion, and determination. Watching my students grow and achieve their musical goals brings me immense happiness. If I have made even a small impact on their lives, I will know I have done a good job.”

Ilaria Foresi


Whether you’ve just embarked on your journey of singing, want to revive a passion from years ago, or are at a more advanced level, I’m here to guide you in making the best of your voice and letting it sing freely. I’m a versatile singer, artist, and teacher based in London. My experience includes live performances as a solo artist and backing vocalist. I trained in Rome under soprano Cristiana Arcari and moved to London at 20 after earning a foundation diploma from Saint Louis Music College.

I graduated with Honors in BMus Music Performance from The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (UEL). I also became a qualified MLT teacher for early years music after completing the training course at Music Tree. I believe each voice is unique and beautiful, and working on vocal technique can truly unlock your vocal creativity and expression. Most importantly, we have a lot of fun because that’s the best way to learn and grow! I’m currently training in the Estill Method and studying the process of vocal production.

Hannah Elliott


Hi! I’m Hannah and I am a freelance musician and teacher based in London. I have over 4 years experience teaching piano, violin and ukulele in groups and 1-1. I love teaching people with all kinds of interests and of all different abilities. I believe in tailoring my lessons to suit the individual and their goals. My favourite thing is sharing my passion for music with others! When I am not teaching I enjoy writing, recording and performing with my indie-pop band Quiet Houses.

Sofia Douklia


I hold a BA in Early Years Education from the University of Patras, where I learned extensively about preschool children’s psychosynthesis. My long-term involvement with music (piano, guitar, ukulele, and singing) led me to pursue an MA in Music Education from Kingston University.

My interest in music’s effects on various age groups, alongside attending Music Therapy seminars (Nordoff & Robbins), inspired my postgraduate thesis on “The Effect of Music Therapy on Teenagers with Depression.”


My professional experience in education fueled my passion for further research, leading to my pursuit of a PhD in Music Education and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Patras.

With 10 years of experience as a music teacher for children and adults of all ages, I am also a professional singer constantly exploring new music styles and education methods.

Sam West

Songwriting, Studio Recording, Guitar, Ukulele, Singing

Hi, I’m Sam, the co-founder of Music Tree. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and producer specializing in songwriting, guitar, and ukulele. I’ve always had a passion for using songs as a powerful tool to engage people in music and help them learn an instrument. Songs naturally draw us in, making the experience of writing your own music incredibly rewarding. Even if your primary goal is to play an instrument, songwriting can connect the dots for many people, making learning music a much more fulfilling journey.

Valeria Perboni


I began my career as a singer and actress in Italy while studying Piano accompaniment and Opera Studies at the local Conservatoire. In 2018, I completed my MA in Musical Theatre at the Royal Academy of Music, receiving the DipRAM award. I have performed internationally for venues such as the Barbican Centre, BBC, Channel 4, Abbey Road, and BBC Radio. I hold an MSc in Music Psychology and Neuroscience from Goldsmiths University and I worked as a music psychologist and consultant for BBC Sounds, Institute of Contemporary Arts, and my business, Nine Lyrae. 

In 2018, I transitioned to directing, starting with theatre and moving into immersive media and film. My project The Synaesthesia Room was a finalist at Cannes Film Festival XR Showcase. I pursued opera directing with an MA at Verona Opera Academy and assisted in the Zeffirelli production of Turandot in 2022.

Since 2022, I have directed operas in London, including Verdi’s Macbeth, Aida, and La Boheme. I was the 2023 Artist in Residence at Brunel University, focusing on multisensory art, and curated the International Synaesthesia Art Exhibition at OXO Tower. In May 2024, I presented my research at the International Synaesthesia Conference at Oxford University. Since January 2024, I have been Creative Projects Coordinator at the University of Westminster, curating live events while continuing directing, singing, and vocal coaching.


Caterina Dellabona


I hold a BMus from Goldsmiths University, a PGCert from the University of Roehampton, and an MA in Music Therapy from Anglia Ruskin University. I am specialised in supporting children with additional needs, neurodegenerative diseases, and trauma, as well as adults in neurorehabilitation. As dedicated music therapist, I integrate psychological and neurological perspectives, using improvisation and non-verbal communication to address my clients’ needs.

Flavia Capoano


Music Tree’s SENCO consultant

I am a registered psychologist with the British Psychological Society and the Italian Psychological Society in Rome, as well as a Certified Behavior Analyst. Since January 2023, I’ve been attending psychotherapy school at SCUPSIS in Rome.

I hold a degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Rehabilitation. I’ve worked with autism and learning disabilities since 2013, specializing in ABA and Verbal Behavior.

With deep experience in special needs, particularly Autism Spectrum Disorder, I am trained in ABA and ESDM across various settings. I also work as an online and onsite psychologist, offering services in both Italian and English.


Ola Lisowska

I love my job because I am surrounded by creatives and artists, creating an incredibly inspirational environment. Being a part of children’s music education is especially rewarding as I get to see them grow as musicians, develop their skills, and cultivate a lifelong love for music.

Marta De Luca

My name is Marta, and I work remotely from Italy for Music Tree, so unfortunately, we won’t get to meet at the desk. After assisting Tiziana in establishing her first music school in Italy, I now continue my support from afar, maintaining my role in the admin department. I really look forward to the day when I can experience Music Tree in person!