Our teachers

MICHAEL ROTHMAN I’m a multi-instrumentalist, music producer and Alexander
Technique teacher from Brazil. I play transversal flute, drum kit, percussion, as
well as piano, guitar, bass, and beatbox. Focusing on our thinking process and
emotional expression, Iʼm always looking for enjoyment and purpose in my
students practice. My whole focus is teaching the kids how to think music, how to perceive thinks better and more clearly in a fun environment. I believe that freedom comes
through the ability to express yourself, and that we can use music as a tool for
personal development. Attitude plays a very important part in our lives, and
music is a great platform to explore that asset that is usually put in second
place in everyday activities. Creativity and exploration are a big part of my
lessons, through learning how to improvise, exploring different musical
phrases, or creating new rhythms for songs and exercises. Above all, the love
for music is what connects and permeates everything else, thatʼs the drive for a
rich and enhancing musical experience.