International training course in collaboration with Gordon UK – Music Research Institute

– you love being a teacher and the idea of doing this job better and better makes you happy and full of energy

– you like to deepen your understanding of teaching to connect more with your students

– you have been teaching for a while, you have attended courses, workshops and training but feel you want to add something new and fresh to your approach

– you are looking for a training course that gives you a solid foundation to work with your students aged 0-6

We are really happy to be able to present to you Music Learning Tree, our international course that will help you to build your approach in music education based on Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory.


– music doesn’t have to be simple to be taught to children

– each child has similar but different learning times and you’re now ready to follow an approach that can support all of them

– creativity and improvisation should be part of the educational curriculum of a music teacher

– singing the usual children’s songs can be very repetitive and it’s time for you to rediscover your own musicality and create a richer repertoire

– learning music as itself is fundamental to a child’s development

We now know thanks to the most recent research and studies done in music education that there are approaches and teaching methods that can satisfy the needs of the teacher as much as those of the students. The secret lies in following the learning of the little ones step by step, without forgetting the beauty and richness present in music.

We think that being a music teacher does not only mean having a large repertoire of songs and activities, but above all knowing the learning process of our students in order to create the correct learning sequences and approach based on their needs.

Our lessons are based on planning and observation in order to guide our students in a wonderful musical journey made of discovery, listening, sharing and playing.

– Teaching music does not mean singing only songs for children but it’s a real research to develop the musicality of our students

– Knowing the theory of the learning process is as important as the practical part of the lessons

– Managing the group in an easy and fun way is important whilst working with parents and children

– Teaching music does not mean only using backing tracks, but learning to create a musical dialogue with our students and become guides able to share our knowledge for music in an engaging way

Ok! If you’re still here it means that you are in the right place so let’s continue!


This training course, in its second edition in 2020, stems from the experience in music education that we have been developing in different parts of Europe over the last 18 years.

Music Learning Theory (MLT), developed by Prof. Edwin E. Gordon over several years of research at the Faculty of Music Education at Temple University in Philadelphia, is a theory that describes children’s music learning process.
MLT provides practical and theoretical guidance to teachers who want to follow a child-led approach in early childhood, elementary, instrumental and vocal, creating sequential curricular goals in accord with their own teaching styles and beliefs.

MLT develops around the concept of natural musical aptitude, describing how every human being is born with a musical potential that develops according to processes similar to those of language development.

A teacher who follows the MLT approach will be a guide for their students: through singing, movement and silence, in a fun and engaging environment, they will develop their lessons in a continuous musical dialogue, where music will become a common object of sharing.

We are Tiziana and Marta and our greatest passion is research in music education. We have both studied Gordon’s Music Learning Theory and over the years we have also developed other interests including music therapy, neuro music, body music and instrumental pedagogy.

We are both founders of our own music schools in London and Milan, and we hold training courses for teachers in our respective countries and abroad (South America, Europe, North Africa). We love working with children and their families and in recent years we have deepened and developed online courses for teachers and mentoring, reaching teachers from all over the world.

The course

Music Learning Tree is a 5-month training path in English that develops entirely online. Through video lessons on our dedicated platform and sessions via Zoom, we will always be present during your study path. We have planned moments of exchange, sharing and practical resources to support you. You will have the opportunity to view the lessons and videos as and when you prefer because they will always be available at our online school. This means that you can take this course anywhere in the world.

In this course you will not only learn the correct learning sequences to create a musical path for your students but you will also have the opportunity to rediscover your own musicality, through a special path that will lead you to sing and improvise in all the modes and meters present in the Western musical culture. This course will start at the end of October 2020 and you will be immediately able to apply and experiment the reference theories and the tips that you will discover.

online video lessons about music education for children 0-6 years old starting from Gordon’s Music Learning Theory, to deepen the didactic aspects

Group Q&A dedicated to getting you ready and gearing you up for your classes

observation and analysis of video lessons held by Tiziana and Marta, to closely observe the musical responses of children and their families

access to Marta’s online course “Oh, Yoko!”, to develop your musicality as a teacher through musical modes and meters

access to Tiziana’s online course “Music at home”, dedicated to children and families with songs and activities inspired by Gordon’s MLT.

access to a dedicated Facebook group where you can meet the other participants of the group and share your learning path

possibility of internship in London and Milan

mentoring and supervision post-course


This 5-months course, from OCTOBER 2020 to FEBRUARY 2021 costs:

– £650 instead of £700 before the 21st of October

– 2 instalments of £350

– 6 monthly instalments of £125


This training, developed after years of working with children and families, in public and private nurseries and schools, is truly a path that we have created with attention and care. Our aim is to help you find your musical educational style, giving you a solid theoretical foundation to help you face the challenges that this wonderful profession can offer.
We both love to help other teachers to grow and develop and we’ll be sure to give you 100% to find solutions, new ideas and strategies.

Can I really attend the training at any time?
Yes, the course will start in October but you will be free to view the videos when you prefer because the lessons and live sessions on Zoom will all be recorded and available at our online school on Teachable.

Can I attend the course even if I have little musical experience?
Sure! In this course we will help you develop your musicality and above all understand how to create a correct learning sequence for your students. We will provide you with lots of material to study at home, improve your musical skills and feel ready for your music lessons.

I already have teaching experience and over the years I have created my own approach. Why should I take this course?
Our will is to offer you other tools and strategies to always add new elements to your lessons. Furthermore, Music Learning Theory provides an extraordinary theoretical preparation for understanding children’s learning process but it is not a method, so it leaves room for different interpretations and teaching styles. That’s why we love it!

I’d rather pay in instalments. How does it work?
Through our online platform on Teachable. When you subscribe to the course, make sure to click on monthly instalments and enter the details of your credit card. Each month the monthly fee will automatically be taken from your account for the duration of the course. It is a very safe, tried and tested method that we have used on several other courses.

*sending this application does not imply your immediate subscription to the course; you can always change your mind and ask us direct questions via email at info@musictreeuk.com. See you soon!