Crescendo Ensamble Program

The importance of group music play for children

As a child, I spent countless hours practicing the piano alone. While I cherished my instrument and the music I created, there was a palpable sense of solitude in my musical journey. Watching my friends who played violin, guitar, or other ensemble-friendly instruments, I often felt a twinge of jealousy. They were having fun, socializing, and developing their musical knowledge and awareness in ways I could only dream of. They were part of something larger, creating harmonious sounds and forging strong friendships through their shared love of music.

Motivation is the key

This sense of community and collaborative learning is something I deeply missed during my formative years of musical education. Playing music in a group not only enhances musical skills but also significantly boosts motivation.

The shared experience of making music together fosters a sense of belonging and purpose, encouraging children to practice more consistently and passionately.

Seeing their peers progress and contribute to the ensemble inspires them to improve, creating a positive and supportive environment that fuels their dedication to learning.

That’s why I’m passionately committed to ensuring that young musicians today have the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of playing in a group from an early age.


Crescendo Ensemble Program: small groups, big musical experiences

At Music Tree, our Crescendo Ensemble Program is designed specifically for this purpose. We want to give our students, aged 9 and up, the chance to engage in multi-instrumental groups and experience the magic of ensemble play. In our program, groups are kept small, with a maximum of four children, to ensure each student receives the attention and guidance they need.

In these close-knit groups, students will not only practice their musical skills regularly but also learn how to compose their own pieces. They will use their creativity and problem-solving skills to improvise and collaborate, developing a deeper understanding of music and building strong, supportive relationships with their peers.

Classical Ensamble and Rock Bands

This program is dedicated to children Year 4 and above attending individual or 2-1 classes at Music Tree or somewhere else.


  • 3-4 children per group
  • One dedicated teacher
  • multi-instrumental session
  • Different style of music (classic, folk, modern, rock…)

During their ensemble sessions, children will practice new pieces together or compose their own with the guidance of the teacher.

Week by week, they will learn their individual parts, work on arrangements, and prepare for performances at our recitals. These pieces will also be practiced during their individual lessons, allowing the group sessions to focus on enhancing their listening skills and ability to play cohesively as a group.

Additionally, children will have the opportunity to compose their own pieces, delving into music theory and harmony while developing their arrangement skills.



  • at 4.30pm with Alessia Piermarini
  • at 5.15pm with Samuel West


  • at 5.15pm with Samuel West


  • 4.30pm with Ilaria Foresi
  • 5.15pm with Tiziana Pozzo


  • 4.30pm with Sofia Douklia


  • 5.15pm with Barbara Bartz


  • 1.30pm with Francesca Zaccà



Music Tree’s students have a discount on our Ensamble Program.


£30 for two consecutive trials

  • This ticket will automatically book you for two trial classes in consecutive weeks, on the same day of the week. It is kindly requested that you inform us if you cannot attend one of the two classes. Notification must be given at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your booking. Thank you for your understanding.

From £260 for Music Tree’s students attending individual or 2-1 sessions

From £364 for music students not attending classes at Music Tree

  • 60-minute weekly classes with 3-4 children
  • Dedicated WhatsApp group to communicate with the teacher and support the children in their musical practice
  • One performance per term
  • Regular open classes


Monday 2 September 2024 – Friday 13th December 2024

(Half term – Monday 28 October 2024 – Friday 1 November 2024)

  • The period from the 14th of December will be used for extra classes or for reschedules of possible missed classes by the teachers.
  • One reschedule per term in another of our weekly classes (not on the same day of your booking) within the term.

Rescheduled and missed classes

Music Tree does not provide refunds for any missed classes.

In case of a teacher’s absence, the lesson will be rescheduled at the end of the term. There will be no reimbursement for missed classes.

Bookings for trial classes will not be refundable nor movable to other dates. 

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