Client Connection Bundle

Transform your business with the right words


Running a business can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you find yourself spending countless hours responding to messages and emails that don’t lead to more bookings or new students.

It’s a tough situation, but there’s a solution that can help you attract and retain the clients you want.

Consider your relationship with new clients like a relationship with a new partner:

Would you try to convince them you’re the right person for them?

No, you’d want them to choose you for who you are!

Would you pressure them into making a decision?

Definitely not, unless you want them to run away!

Creating the right communication and using the right words to attract clients is crucial.

It’s about making your social media a welcoming place where potential clients can find exactly what they’re looking for.


Discover the strategies behind effective and magnetic communication to fill your courses months before the term starts, with clients who are excited to learn with you.

The Client Connection Bundle is a new workshop designed to show you how to reach out to future clients, those who will actually book your services.

The Key to Success

What helped me succeed was perseverance and understanding that clients are not all the same. Reaching out to them with the right words and communication was fundamental.

In the Client Connection Bundle, I will teach you everything you need to know to transform your studio into a financially stable and efficient business, allowing you to work with your amazing students and clients.


Learn how to attract your ideal client and use the right words to transform their interest in trust


Master mailing list and newsletter to fill your classes months before they actually start


Client Connection Bundle is now available for £96. It gives you access for 6 months to the two modules.



Client Connection Bundle is included in The Masterclass The First Impression, which for 6 months gives you access to: 

Love at first sight

The essential steps to ensure your presence reflects your passion, values, and teaching methods effectively


Invitation, contact and connection. Strategies to open the communication with your clients from the first moment they meet you

Client Connection + Rock-Solid Pre-Bookings

Discover the strategies behind effective and magnetic communication to fill your courses months before the term starts, with clients who are excited to learn with you.

INCLUDES: Access to the International Community Online MUSIC TREE SUPERVISIONS where we will meet once a month and you will be able to discuss with me and the other teachers your doubts and questions. 

PRICE: The cost is £225.


There is an extra possibility of dive deep in the Music Tree’s Approach with two extra modules:

Music Tree’s songs and activities

Cultivate musical language and connection between parents and their little ones. Music Tree Approach is designed to create a meaningful bond through music.

Children age 2,5-4,5

Recognising the importance of carers/parents and learn how to offer different types of classes for different age groups.

PRICE: The cost is £305.

Oh Tiziana, I am halfway through the first lesson and I had to stop it to tell you how much I needed this masterclass!!! And I didn’t know. I have been doing music with early years for so many years but always in a nursery setting. Last August I moved from … to … and I haven’t found any nursery setting or school to take me in, so I resorted to doing my own classes, but oh my, it’s SOOO different and some days I just feel like s*** and that I am the worst teacher and that probably I don’t know anything anymore. 🙈 I know that’s not true, but that’s just how I feel on those days.
So your masterclass not only has been comforting and relatable, but I am finally learning some very crucial steps to working with parents and their children.
Joana - music educator in England

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