I come from the world of classical music. I started learning piano at the age of 6, with my mum’s piano teacher (no pressure!) that, at the age of 82 took me for the lessons in her incredible music house. She was the best piano teacher in my city, well known in the whole North East of Italy. Her method, though, was definitely “old school” and it was crashing with my personality and needs.

The learning process wasn’t fun at all for me, hours and hours of technical practice and zero time for exploration, improvisation and self-expression. The goal of that teacher was to learn fast, go through the exams and prove to be very good. Making mistakes in classical music, also, is not a possibility, the error is just an error, nothing else, so you better practice a lot just to be perfect.  Only at that point, you’ll have the chance to talk about “music”, interpretation, emotion and passion.

It was an incredibly stressful and frustrating process (that didn’t occur just to me) resulting in many people abandoning music and playing. Isn’t it sad? 

Now, research in education tells us a lot about our student’s correct learning sequence, the importance of errors and the importance of music in one’s life. 

At Music Tree, our teachers are supporting the children through their new journey of music learning, embracing mistakes, improvising, composing music together and, of course, helping them in important moments like performances and exams.

Our one-to-one classes in person or online are dedicated to children older than 6 (before that we suggest attending our group courses). They can be held at our venue in Islington or at the student’s house.

These are our classes:


At Music Tree venue at 50, Barnsbury Street N1 1TP or at your home.


  • 45-minute class £40
  • 60-minutes class £50