Body Music For Children


Learn why body music is an essential tool for your classes

Lenna from Mozambique

In every lesson you will learn the pedagogical aspects of body music in the Music Tree Approach. Neuro-music and psychological aspects are included in every module, as well as the step-by-step learning process for the creation of music games and activities that will teach how to adapt your exercises to different ages and needs.

Using body music in sessions with children and teenagers (ages 2 and up) can be incredibly beneficial across various domains:

  • Sensory-Motor Learning
  • Space-Time Organisation Skills
  • Neurological Development
  • Fun and Engagement
  • Executive Functions
  • Coordination
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Musical Growth

What will you find in Body Music For Children?


– MODULE 1 – The Role of movement in Music Education – Body Music Song “Tambor”

– MODULE 2 – Voice and movement relationship – Body Music Activity “Beat and Upbeat”

–  MODULE 3 – Module 3 – Distribution of the group in the space + Italian nursery rhyme by ages



– VIDEO EXAMPLES of exercises to develop your coordination and the games to use in your classes


Access to the International Community Online of Teachers where we will meet once a month and you will be able to discuss with me and the other teachers your doubts and questions. 

How much does Body Music for Children cost?

The price is £235.

Available also on in two monthly instalments (£125 each) via email.

Discount available if you have followed the first edition on the Masterclass (claim your discount via email).

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