ABA Therapy

With Flavia Capoano – psychologist, blibliotherapist, ABA tutor.

First approach with ABA therapy

  • 15/20 mins free phone consultation 
  • 1:1 pairing session with the child (75 – 120 mins)
  • VB-MAPP Assessment (The Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Program)*
  • After the assessment, HPM will provide support to take further steps such as contacts with schools, supervisors and tutors.

*The VB-MAPP Assessment has different durations, depending on the children development and spectrum level. HPM suggests a minimum of 5 sessions to complete the assessment (between 2/3 hours each session).

After the assessment, you will receive the VB-MAPP Master Scoring Form Grid and Report.

ABA sessions

  • 15/20 mins phone consultation INCLUDED 
  • Trial session 30 minutes
  • Fortnightly sessions working on specific needs (e.g. motor skills, language, communication, manding etc.) of the duration of 90 / 120 minutes