Highbury Park Music will become… ?????

A couple of days ago I started sharing the history of Highbury Park Music, the music school in London that I co-founded with Samuel West Music. Soon it will change its name and identity.

Let’s carry on with the second chapter 🤣

So, here I am in London with this crazy guy called Sam.
May 2017.
He’s just incredible: charming, smart, fun… yes, it’s definitely love at first sight.
Soon we understand that we want to live together and share our common passion for music, people and education.

After few months he brings me to this amazing place in Highbury Barn, an incredibly beautiful Georgian townhouse at the end of a lovely street with shops and restaurants that reminds me a bit of Italy for its community life. I fall in love again.
The house is really old though (1829) and it needs to be refurbished but we can already see a music studio there, where I can teach and Sam can write music.

So we say yes! We go for it and we live in the house during the refurbishment process, with builders in and out of the house, no kitchen, no floor, no furniture, no bathrooms… Well, just the minimum to survive 🙈

But we feel we’re really lucky and enjoy this new adventure (not without fights, eh!).

After four months, many trips to Ikea and a really bad sprain in my ankle, I have my first piano class in the studio.
After a couple of weeks also the babies arrive for their classes and I have to understand how to create a safe room for them that would also allow Sam to have his recording studio … So I invest some money and I buy good mats to create protection for the children all around Sam’s desk and the rest of the space. That’s why there are always purple mats in my pictures!

January – July 2018, 7 months and 20 students are coming regularly to the sessions.
September 2018-July 2019 we are 60!

Do you think it’s been easy?
Oh no! I had a lot of worries, lots of doubts, a lot of work! Prepare the classes, answer the emails, work on the website, teach… Ahhhh if only I had a secretary at that point!

But here we are now, ready for the next step because the community around Highbury Park Music is growing! -3!


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