🌟Highbury Park Music will become… ?????

When I arrived in London 4 years ago, I had to learn how to survive as a self-employed teacher in this huge city. Not an easy thing, trust me!

I had to discover how to find the schools to work with; how to move quickly between my classes; how to carry all my instruments with me whilst travelling on buses and metro… and OH! I had to learn English in the meantime!

I have to say that cold and rain were certainly the hardest parts of the job in the UK at that point!
Little by little I’ve learnt that umbrellas and coffee are the best friends of a London teacher 🤣🙈!

After two years of back and forth in the city, I was so tired that I decided to go back to Italy and give up with all my dreams in the UK.
I was spending most of my days alone – well, with the children or travelling to Italy to run my training courses – no friends to share any quality time with…
The only good thing at that point was the research Sounding Out with deaf students (my dream) so the decision was really hard to take….

Until one day, when I met Sam … well, tomorrow I will tell you a little bit more about the history of our music school Highbury Park Music why in 5 days it will officially change its identity! Stay tuned! 

Tiziana Pozzo, Co-founder of Highbury Park Music

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