Get ready for “PAM PAM concerts” for families, the only concert in London inspired by the Gordon’s Music Learning Theory (MLT). No stage or chairs: children and parents in the centre of the space, comfortably seated or lying, embraced by the sound of the musicians around them.
An experience of direct contact with the music, for children aged 0 to 5.


Short melodic and rhythmic songs without words that are designed for the musical development of children.

PAM PAM – CHRISTMAS CONCERTS host musicians who sing and perform pieces from classical and traditional repertoire as well as original songs composed under the principles of MLT and of course… some Christmas songs! The musicians interact with the children and their families to create a magical space for listening and learning.

Saturday 15th of December at 4.00pm at Christ Church Highbury.

With Valeria Pozzo (violin, charrango, voice), Tiziana Pozzo (piano, ukulele, percussions, voice), Monica Cognoli (voice) and Sam West (guitar, voice) 

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£13 one child and one parent
£16 one child with both parents
£4 any sibling
£5 any extra adult

Payment in advanced before the 7th of December at:

Tiziana Pozzo
Barclays Bank 
Sort code 20-44-91 
Account number 6093 2922

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