Here at MUSIC TREE, we believe that learning and playing music is not only important in developing musical ability, but it is also integral to the personal and social development irrespective of age. Music has been proven to improve social interaction, confidence, fine motor skills, concentration, problem-solving and as a therapy to help aid specific conditions. Most of all it is fun!

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Our online school gives you access to:

MUSIC AT HOME is the first online course that helps you to support your child’s musical development with original songs and creative ideas.

New fun videos every week with tips and suggestions to support your child’s musical development.

FIRST STEPS AROUND THE WORLD, 8 week Music and Language course with videos and songs designed for young children by teachers coming from all over the world

Every Thursday at 4.00 pm, Tiziana will run her Zoom classes for children 0 to 5. Her sessions are based on years of research in music education and neuro music, and focus on supporting children’s musical development through a very fun approach, with songs in many languages, different instruments and funny animals and characters that interact with the children. Parents are invited to sing and participate actively to create a musical bond with their children.

Ukulele, piano, guitar, clarinet, violin, singing and songwriting.
With teachers trained in early development music, piano, guitar, ukulele, music production, voice coaching and body music, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for at Music Tree. Music classes for children and adults.

You can also choose one of our early years practitioners for individual or group sessions for children 0-5.

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All our teachers are passionate musicians and have years of experience teaching children and adults

We are specialised in combining music education with the latest research in neuromusic and psychology.

Children’s ideas and creativity are always supported by our teachers. Songwriting and improvisation are at the base of our classes.

“Music has always been in my life and I grew up in a very rich and joyful musical environment. I started teaching when I was 17 years old and after my degree in classical piano at the Venice Conservatoire, I specialised in music education and music therapy to combine my two biggest passions: music and psychology. When I teach, I guide my students through a fun and enjoyable learning process sharing with them the wonderful ways in which music can enrich our lives.”

With more than 17 years of experience in teaching and music education, Tiziana is a training teacher for different organisations and specialisation schools in the UK and abroad. She’s been carried out training courses, masterclasses and conferences in Europe, South America and North Africa for nurseries teachers, primary and secondary schools educators, musicians and students of different conservatories, universities and charities.

Music has always been a huge part of my life even from when i was little. I wrote my first song when i was 5 and never looked back. After gaining a 1st class degrees honour in voice at Strathclyde University i played and performed for many years with a number of groups and played at venues all over the world. Today, i balance my life as a composer/producer writing music for shows, tv and film as well as an educator who loves nothing more than sharing my passion for music with people. 

I believe that music has never been more vital in our world and that the benefits of performing, sharing, creating and improvising are key building blocks. If we want to educate our young people well we make learning fun and a source of wonder and this in turn will lead to more engaged and compassionate society

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